Model: XTT-500

Precision lathe

Item Unit XTT-500
 Maximum processing diameter
mm φ210
Maximum bar diameter mm φ42,φ51(
Spindle shape JIS A2-6(A2-8)
Spindle speed min-1 Max.4000(35
Type 8-station turret*2
Max.stroke mm X:105  Z:450
Rapid traverse rate m/min X:18  Z:24
Spindle motor kW X:AC1.2  Z:A
L*W*H mm 1695*1830*18


Detailed Description

Offering both cutting performance and compactness

The high-rigidity spindle with φ100 mm bearings is equipped with a high-output (15/11 kW) spindle motor. Square box-way slides are adopted in addition to the established robust machine construction, so heavy-duty cutting capability and accuracy can be maintained over long periods. The compact design offers a machine opening of 1,695 mm while assuring sufficient stroke for shaft work with a Z-axis travel of 450 mm. (The machine width is comparable to single-turret TAKAMAZ lathes)

Diverse options supporting shaft work, and labor savings at setup changes

The tailstock unit adopts a new, highly rigid construction, and develops powerful thrust using hydraulic drive. The tailstock travel position is detected by a linear encoder that coordinates with cutting programs to help reduce the man-hours spent on setup work. The steady rest unit allows the workpiece support position to be set in a programmable manner by servo drive, while there is a full range of other options providing further support for high-load cutting, including φ120 mm spindle bearings and an MT-5 tailstock. (XTT-500)

Improved maintainability

A large maintenance door with an opening width of 500 mm is provided, allowing the operator to work in a generous space in the machine. In addition, a sub-slide door with the same opening width of 500 mm is provided at the right side of the machine where mechanical elements such as the turret and tailstock unit are concentrated. An extensive maintenance area can be secured in a one-touch operation. (Lessen the operator's burden during maintenance on the machine)

Highly compatible with automation

A new type of 3-axis loader with a hand suitable for shaft work having a weight capacity of 8 kg is adopted. In combination with highly customizable TAKAMAZ peripheral devices, diverse user needs can be accommodated.
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