Model: XW-30

Parallel double spindle lathe

Item ability Unit
Chuck size 3(空气)×2 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. φ50 mm
Spindle speed Max. 10,000 min -1
Type Horizontal linear × 2
Max.stroke X:160
Rapid traverse rate X:12
m / min
Speendle motor AC 3.7 / 2.2×2 kW
L×W 1,300×2,000 mm


Detailed Description

"Space saving" machine for better visibility in the factory

Keeping the basic structure of USL®-480, features of two machines are incorporated into a single 1000mm width bed. Compared with two-machine-in-line, the required floor space is reduced by about 27%. In addition, the 1500mm height of the machine provides better visibility in the factory by eliminating high-rise wall that might obstruct view. Installation at factory with lower ceiling is suitable, which relates to the benefit of reducing hidden cost such as air conditioning and operators' time moving on the floor.

Huge Energy-Saving Effect

Besides a compact design for space savings, TAKAMAZ put effort to maintain a minimal use of resources. With 1 bed, 1 controller, 1 loader, and 1 chip conveyor compactly designed together, the number of components is significantly reduced producing a lighter machine while maintaining rigidity. If you compare the power consumption with that of 2 "USL-480" machines, the power consumption of this machine is lower by about 44% during standby, and by about 31% during operation.

Higher performance control system

The newest Mitsubishi controller is installed. Conventional optional NC features are incorporated as standard features, achieving high performance control system. In addition, a touch panel monitor provides compact and improved accessibility of operation box.

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