Model: XC-150

Precision lathe

Item ability Unit
Chuck size 8 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. φ100 mm
Spindle speed Max. 3,500 min -1
Type 8-station turret
Max.stroke X:170
Rapid traverse rate X:18
m / min
Speendle motor AC 11 / 7.5 kW
L×W 1,250×1,480 mm


Detailed Description

Achieve Space-Saving Comparable to 6-inch Class

The machine width is 1,250mm. The floor space is 1.85m2 , about 23% less than previous model, making it the smallest machine with an 8-inch chuck among the same class in the industry. In our products, the space needed for [2] x [Set of Previous Model & Stocker] is enough for [3] x [Set of XC-150 & Stocker]. Arrangement of lines requiring only small spaces is possible leading to increased efficiency in operation and improvement in manufacturing.

Adoption of Rigid Slide

Just like the other models, the Z-Axis slide applies square box-way slide that is known for rigidity. The X-Axis is designed for increased rigidity than previous model that can be used for heavy cutting.

Energy Saving Machine

As compared with previous models, there are 20% reduction on the spindle inertia and 36% reduction on the spindle acceleration and deceleration time (0-3,500min-1). In addition, X-Axis and Z-Axis have also reduction on the motor load inertia of approximately 8%. Per FEM Analysis for optimizing the design of castings by eliminating unnecessary materials, as compared to previous models, there is a 20% reduction of materials used. This is good for the environment. Through these measures, the power consumption without compromising machine functions and processing performance is reduced by 10%.

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