Service Mission::

Uphold the "fast, effective, customer first" spirit. Planning the whole, always for every customer to provide the best quality service;

With the requirements of customers, provide a comprehensive solution, and give better after - sales service;

Continuous innovation, continuous progress, the most new industrial technology information, the most effective way to pass to every customer.

Machine Services:

The success of Gevelt, with its dedication, meticulous pre-sale consultancy services and excellent and sound after-sales training, maintenance services are inseparable, both of which are modern and civilized business inseparable part.

In all aspects of pre-sales consultancy services, our professional sales engineers will carefully listen to customers to provide specific requirements on the production, and then recommend the most appropriate equipment model specifications to provide customers with the choice.

After the equipment has been delivered to the buyer's factory, we have used the pre-training for the buyer to describe the characteristics of the purchased equipment, basic theory, work points and general maintenance knowledge, so that users can fully grasp the use of equipment and play its most Good performance.

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