Model: FG-400 NEO

Machine Specifications

Specification Values
Laser Rated Output (Continuous) 4.0 kw
Maximum Cutting Size (Round) 406.4 mm
Maximum Cutting Size (Square) 305 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length (Loading) 8080 mm / 318.11 in
Maximum Workpiece Length (Unloading) 8000 mm / 314.96 in
Feed Axes Travel (X axis) 8790 mm / 346.06 in
Travel (Y axis) 1270 mm / 50.00 in
Travel (Z axis) 425 mm / 16.73 in

Detailed description

3D Fiber Laser Processing Machine for Long Pipes and Structural Material

  • Automatic and continuous 3D laser cutting of large and long structural material

  • High precision cutting of complex features

  • High speed cutting with energy saving by fiber laser processing

  • Maximum cutting size of a round pipe is larger than Φ 400 mm

The FG-400 NEO covers all processes from material supply to a finished part.


Higher Productivity

By laser cutting pipes and structual material with high precision, tight pipe joints can be produced.
By assembling with laser cut tabs and slots on pipe components, tight fit joints are produced and positioning time for welding is reduced.

Higher Accuracy

To prevent material from distorting, 4 chucks simultaneously travel and rotate. A wide variety of equipment, such as supporters enables high accuracy cutting of long material.
Standard model can load 8 m (26.2') material, also unload 8 m (26.2') finished parts (6 m (19.6') and 12 m (39.4') and 15 m (49.2') loading / unloading units are optionally available).

Specification 6 m* 8 m 12 m* 15 m*
Max. material length for loading 6180 mm (243.31") 8080 mm (318.11") 12280 mm (483.46") 15180 mm (597.64")
Max. material length for unloading 6100 mm (240.16") 8000 mm (314.96") 12200 mm (480.31") 15100 mm (594.49")


* : Option

3D Laser Head

The 3D laser head with A-axis and B-axis can process a broader range of materials at desired angle

Fiber Laser

Optimum cutting of mild steel by Nitrogen is available and the productivity of thin and mid thickness material is increased.
Electrical power consumption is considerably low compared to CO2 laser processing machines, which results in a large reduction of running cost.

Tapping Unit(Option)

Complete all cutting processes from 3D cutting to tapping in the same machine. The hole to be tapped is cut by the laser and tapped for shorter production lead time and higher productivity.
[Max. M16 (5/8 UNC and UNF)]

Environmentally Friendly

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