2017 Sino-Japanese Engineering Technology Conference held in Qingdao

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On August 2nd -4, 2017 Engineering Technology Conference held in Qingdao International Expo Center. From Japan Science and Technology Agency, JETRO Japan, technician, Japan Science Association, rirong International Patent Office, Japan national Tokyo University Agricultural & Technology, Nagoya University of Japan Yaskawa Trading Group Co. Ltd., Japan Overseas Chinese Innovation Association and at all levels in our Province Association for science and technology, related to sea base representatives, universities and research institutions, representatives of enterprises, management of service platform, business line science and technology workers more than 800 people attended the meeting. China Enterprises Association Deputy Director of the office of Zheng Haojun, Provincial Association party secretary, vice chairman Wang Chunqiu, special adviser to Congress, Japan Science and technology revitalization special consultant Okimura Kazuki speech; Provincial Association vice president Ji Hongbo, assistant president of Shandong University, Shandong province will automatic chemical science Mr. Jia Lei presided over the opening ceremony of the conference and the report of the conference respectively.

The scene of the meeting


The scene of the meeting

  In 2017, engineering technology conference by Chinese Association for guidance, organized by the Shandong Provincial Association of Shandong Province Association of automation service center of Shandong Provincial Association for science and Technology Institute, Qingdao City Association of contractors and other units. The general assembly to "intelligent manufacturing and service innovation" as the theme, the activities include home court reports, special forums, and a platform for development of patent operation enterprise, access and cooperation forum.

Speech by Zheng Haojun, deputy director of Enterprise Office of China Association for science and technology

  Director Zheng Haojun pointed out in his speech, the Shandong Provincial Association initiated the meeting, the current selection of intelligent manufacturing engineering technology as a hot theme of this year's conference, aimed at promoting the interaction between technology and industry, emphasizing exchanges and cooperation in service innovation ecological system, create a set of scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, to promote industrial cooperation, international conference service innovation platform lead in one. Hope that through this platform, to promote science and technology between China and Japan in more level, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in more areas, and on this basis, the formation of International Conference platform multilateral framework as soon as possible, continue to deepen cooperation channels and content of cooperation, focus on the innovation of service effectiveness, form a cooperative innovation.

Wang Chunqiu, party secretary and vice president of Provincial Association for science and technology

  Chairman Wang Chunqiu pointed out in his speech, the fertile soil engineering technology conference based on Sino Japanese non-governmental exchanges, a way of looking along the new pattern of globalization, science and technology to lead the folk first, service, innovation oriented, committed to the prosperity of the two sides and the international scientific and technological exchanges, promote industrial technology innovation cooperation, promote the internationalization of engineers to create. The common development of the new platform. This conference focusing on intelligent manufacturing and service innovation, fit the main theme of the development of the current era, will exert a positive role in promoting the reform of our province and even in industrial and intelligent manufacturing development. This platform will also implement the "Shandong Province Association of the four service duties positioning, promoting open type, hinge type. The construction of platform type organization, to guide innovation and service capabilities, providing a powerful starting point.

Special adviser of the conference, Okimura Xianki, special adviser of Japan's science and Technology Development Organization

Ji Hongbo, vice president of Provincial Association for science and technology, presided over the opening ceremony

  In the home court meeting, Japan Science and Technology Agency China comprehensive research and exchange center minister Dr. Yoneyama Haruko, Professor of Tokyo University Agricultural & Technology, Japan, Deng Mingcong, vice president of Shandong University of Science and Technology professor Zhou Donghua from advancing on scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, innovation train fault diagnosis technology, security and other aspects of the Internet industry, to share their experiences and achievements.

In view of intelligent manufacturing from concept of hot into practice, innovation has become an important component of ecological service innovation system, this conference has set up a "smart and intelligent manufacturing equipment", "intelligent manufacturing innovation practice: enterprise in action", "international talent exchange and transformation of patent technology cooperation" and "the creation and innovation of education the construction of ecological service" four sub forum, experts from China and Japan to exchange views and respective application solutions. The "Twentieth Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition" and "Qingdao international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition and conference held at the same time. The forum and Exhibition complementary, combination of theory and practice, the novel has won wide meeting from the first identity innovation and industry representatives.

Take photos of the exhibition

  During the meeting, the organization visited the Haier group. Haier delegates to provide professional services for creating entrepreneurship and the establishment of the passenger hall, creating training camp, innovation roadshow Series platform, fully affirmed, and deepen the theme around innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation and innovation contest of college students in Shandong Province, conducted in-depth exchanges.

Take a picture with the Japanese representatives

  Through this conference, the Shandong Provincial Association for science and the Japan Science and technology agency established a comprehensive cooperative relations, Shandong Province Association of automation and the Japan Science and Technology Agency is the vocational engineering college cooperation, Linyi University and Tokyo National University of agriculture is visiting scholars, sea trade group and Japan Yaskawa robot innovation cooperation, Haier innovation center and the Shandong Provincial Association for science and society service center on the double service cooperation, reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

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