Domestic precision machining and foreign gap Clear talent and management is the key

Date: 2021-12-06 15:52:58Pageviews: 372

Nanjing Doaks Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd general manager Liu Bin for the overall situation of the majority of users to analyze the current domestic precision machining, and the main reason caused the gap. Through the analysis, we can understand the foreign processing and machine tools in China the gap is mainly reflected in the following five aspects.

First, the gap between the overall technology level

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese fast economic development in the original low level, but we always hope that in a very short period of time through western 100-200 passed away industrialization. Therefore, a large number of investment is often caused by low level repeated construction. Machinery industry development is a process of gradual accumulation, if not to lay a solid foundation, blindly rely on the introduction of high-end equipment, can not really solve the overall situation of backward technology. The machinery industry supporting many industries need a complete industrial chain, China's relatively more emphasis on scale effect, technology for the whole machinery industry. This leads to a lack of attention to the West has been manufacturing China do not want to produce, it consumes a lot of resources, but also pollutes the environment, if things go on like this will not be sustainable. The correct approach should be "the introduction - digestion- "Absorption innovation", to achieve spiral development, and gradually reached the advanced level of the world, but the current situation is "Introduction - backward, and then introduce - backward", and then introduce backward products, and then continue to lag behind

Second: the gap of management level

Do not follow the basic principles of management

Third: the gap of technical personnel

Technical staff of the present education system to train often feel what all understand, but the practical problems encountered and what are not, often deviate from the actual work, practical work training can take a long time to independently solve some problems. But the training time is needed, so the actual work needs of the actual lifting technology personnel greatly the ability and the ability to solve problems, rather than sitting in front of the computer drawing.

Fourth: the gap between the level of field operators

Many companies spend huge sums of money to purchase a large number of imports of high-end equipment, but operators do not have to match the operation quality, equipment often still in the commissioning period frequent hit the spindle, even because of misoperation will all wheel damage situation also occurred. All these reasons is the site operation personnel quality is poor.

For some still in the development stage of the enterprise, several imported grinder is almost all of the net worth of the enterprise, many business leaders have on the real operation equipment worth millions of staff did not provide enough training. Because employees do not have the relevant skills to business leaders is keen on the enterprises don't dig the operator, that paid to dig a skilled operator can solve all the problems, not to consider how to improve their employees' skills. At the same time, the treatment and social position of field operations personnel mistakes, resulting in many field operations will not have a certain quality of people, so there was a "world class the status of processing equipment, second rate products".

Fifth: lack of in-depth research and development of the market

We joined the tool manufacturing column. Since 2000, a large number of processing centers used in machinery industry, the market demand for the tool for rapid growth. So, a lot of people into the tool manufacturing industry. Because of the mismatch between the tool and the large demand of manufacturing capacity, many a little lacking in quality tools the enterprise was also digested. Now the speed of economic development from the high to medium speed, increasing manufacturing enterprises, the competition between the tool, the tool to improve the quality of customer requirements, technical strength of many enterprises is weak, resulting in a lot of cutter tool manufacturers think less money than before, many orders can not be completed. The reason for such a situation, the key in the research and development of the market lack of tool manufacturing enterprises. In the high-speed economic development, many problems have been covered. Then continue to order enterprises or less Almost no assessment of their own, for their advantages and disadvantages without a clear understanding, not to mention the research on the cutting tool market. Many enterprises dedicated to peer outsourcing orders, after a slight fluctuation in the market, for these have no direct customers against manufacturers is very large.
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